Rockfox Soft Luggage


It has been just under a year since we first set about making the ultimate soft luggage systems. Showcased at the South-African Bike festival at Kyalami Racetrack last year the response was overwhelming. When we got back we immediately started to look at the designs and the materials of the bags, making sure that our attention to detail and quality would be carried over to our luggage systems. This turned into months of researching and phone calls to get the best quality materials we could find to manufacture our bags.

Made from 550gsm double sided PVC material (Same material used on inflatable boats). then when that was all set and done came a challenge like nothing we have had here in the workshop before. Finding a machine that can do the high-frequency welding we need on the bags to make them air tight as well as water tight. This led us from manufacturer to manufacturer until we finally found a machine that could mostly do what we needed it to do. than came the longest struggle we have faced. Turning a machine that was designed to do one specific job into a tool that could be used to manufacture various bags and iterations of the bags.  after months of experimenting and trail and error we are glad to say that we have finally bested the machine and bent it to our needs.

The PVC is extremely durable and abrasion resistant and virtually un-tearable. The bags come in one of two colours, a full black version or a black with yellow strapping running across it. They are compatible with any pannier racks on the market as they have an integrated heat shield and stifner to stop it from pulling through the pannier racks and getting caught in the rear wheel or burning on the exhaust. The Rockfox logo as well as two chevrons, one front and one rear are all reflective to enhance visibility while driving at night. The bags fasten to the racks using YKK buckles and takes a minute to fit to the bike and even less to remove. the weight is carried by two broad straps running over the rear seat, with the buckles offset there is no discomfort to the pillion as they don't even know that the straps are there. each buckle is also backed up by two metal D-link, in the event that the buckle should brake the double D-links can be used to refit the bags to the frames. They also allow for the fitting of extra items to the bags such as rolies ect.

What size are these amazing bags available in? The bag can accommodate anything from 15l to 27l depending on how tight you pull the retention straps. this makes the bags ideal for either short solo trips when you do not need the huge amount of luggage or for those long trips when size is what matters.

Feel free to contact us to order your set of Rockfox Soft Luggage today.