Alluminium Welding.

Along with welding our own alluminium parts we have on have decided open up our Alluminium welding side of the workshop to our clients. Along with welding thin sheet alluminium for fuel tanks, water tanks ect. we are able to repair some alluminim castings, such as 4x4 transfer cases and gearboxes. These are more labour intensive as they need to be cleaned fairly thoroughly but we have also successfully repaired transfer cases by welding in brand new sections of plate.

Please feel free to send us some pictures and get into contact with us for your welding needs.

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  • First Tanks (Large)
    First Tanks (Large)
  • Tanks (Medium)
    Tanks (Medium)
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  • 20200603_153923 (Small)
    20200603_153923 (Small)
  • 20200604_120816 (Small)
    20200604_120816 (Small)